Keynote talk by Konstantina Nikita at IMWS 2014:The Future of Medicine is Wireless: On-Body and In-Body Devices Transforming Healthcare

Professor Konstantina Nikita gave a keynote talk at 2014 IEEE International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Technologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications (IWMS 2014, London 8-10 December)


Rapid advances in wireless communications, sensing technologies and sensor data analytics are opening new opportunities in medicine, and are promising to address the unsustainability of current healthcare provision models. Notably, healthcare challenges, including rising healthcare costs, aging populations and emerging disease threats rank among the most serious concerns in the world. Wireless technology can empower both patients and medical providers by providing round-the-clock health status information. Examples include wireless on-body (wearable, epidermal) and in-body (implantable, ingestible) medical devices that may be used as sensors, actuators, and/or drug delivery devices. Remote diagnosis, vital parameter control, elderly monitoring and chronic disease management are just some application examples. Exploitation of wireless technologies and sensor data analytics in healthcare can lead to healthier citizens, reduced hospital stays, and lower costs. In this talk, we will focus on transformational wireless technologies for healthcare, discussing their potential and challenges raised.