The paper presented by Monika Xenikou won the best oral presentation award at the 14th Conference of the Greek Vascular Society

The paper entitled “The role of elastography imaging for assessing carotid atherosclerosis” presented by Monika Xenikou at the 14th Conference of the Greek Vascular Society, held in Athens on 6th and 7th February 2015, received the best oral presentation award “Dimakakos”.

Carotid atherosclerosis is a major risk factor for stroke, leading cause of death and adult disability worldwide. The study aims to investigate the unexplored role of vascular elasticity imaging (EI) as a diagnostic tool for carotid atherosclerotic lesions compared to ultrasound imaging (US).

Image analysis on 23 US- and EI- images revealed consistency between US- and EI-based measurements, demonstrating that vascular elasticity imaging may serve as a useful diagnostic tool in assessing carotid artery and stratifying plaque vulnerability.

Given the encouraging results, the clinical and histological implications of EI- measurements will be further elucidated in future experiments.