Research Projects

Full Title:
EC-Telematics HC4024, "Virtual Simulation and Treatment via Telematics Applications in Clinical Radiooncology (VIRTUOSO)", (01/05/1997-31/04/1999).
Nucletron BV. Zentrum fur Graphische Datenverarbeitung e.V.. Gesellschaft fur Medizintechnik GmbH. ATM Group Europe AB. Stadtische Kliniken Offenbach. Universitasklinik fur Strahlentherapie-Radioonkologie, Innsbruck.
The project scope was on the one hand the "virtualisation" of the complete treatment planning procedure, and on the other hand to make the virtual patient available of different sites than those of its physical location, thus allowing telematics co-operation of radio-oncology centres. The project efforts have been focused on developing the innovative telematics tasks and implementing these on existing professional and commercially available technology.

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FP7-Marie Curie ITN, "Education in advanced VR/AR safety systems for maintenance in extreme environments (EDUSAFE) ", (2012-2015).
Public and private organizations and leading institutions in France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Switzerland.
EDUSAFE is based upon a common research programme on the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality during planned and emergency maintenance in extreme environments with the aim of increasing skills exchange between public and private sectors whilst enhancing the career prospects of 12 recent graduates. It is being coordinated by the ATLAS experiment at CERN and brings together 10 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) and 2 Experienced Researchers (ER) from around the world, to take part in a structured, integrated and multidisciplinary training programme. EDUSAFE will combine research and training which will lead to maximizing personnel safety and minimizing errors in extreme environments that require scheduled as well as emergency interventions. In addition to the scientific research and training, complementary training (such as communication and management) will enhance researchers' career prospects in both the public and private sectors.