Conference Proceedings

Gastounioti A, Douma S, Kolias V, Nikita KS. A TOOLBOX FOR IN SILICO EVALUATION OF MOTION ESTIMATORS FOR THE ARTERIAL WALL. 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. 2014 . (470.18 KB)

Conference Papers

Psathas KA, Nikita KS. Local Temperature Assessment produced by an Implantable Antenna for Intracranial Pressure Monitoring. In: IEEE International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Technologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications. London Canary Wharf Hilton, UK: IEEE; 2014. Available from:
Psathas KA, Nikita KS. Evaluation of miniature implantable antenna and telemetry link for intracranial pressure monitoring. In: Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare (Mobihealth), 2014 EAI 4th International Conference on. ; 2014. Available from:
Karamintziou SD, Tsirogiannis GL, Stathis P, Tagaris GA, Boviatsis EJ, Sakas D, Nikita KS. Comparing the Efficiency of DBS Patterns in a Stochastic Dynamical Model. In: International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications NOLTA2014. Luzern, Switzerland; 2014. (729.34 KB)


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